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Thread: b-12 injected

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    b-12 injected

    well am looking to buy b-12 and stumbled upon this:B12 (Cyanocobalamin) USP 30 ml, 1000 mcg/ml for 8dollars, seems pretty fare, does anybody know how it is delivered, in one bottle or vials with one ml in each, if its a bottle how you gonna keep it clean?
    and last: Can i inject in my thigh? i was thinking of shooting in thigh twice or more ew maybe complementing with some oral.

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    Same stuff I use. Grab some 25 gauge pins and go IM.... I take it every 2nd-3rd day...I find it helps with my appetite and also lets you get by with a little less sleep without totally draggin your ass... Best 8 bucks you can spend....Should be a bottle, although mine only comes in 10 mls.. and it costs 6 CAD$$

    Not sure about what your asking about keeping the bottle clean?????

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