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Thread: Cycle Questions

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    Cycle Questions

    Cycle looks like this:
    wk 1-14 500mg of test-e
    wk 1-16 400 mg of EQ
    wk 10-16 50mg ed of winny
    nolva run throughout
    clomid after the last test

    Somebody let me know if this looks good. I have two bros who are trying to cut up for summer. They have been working on their diet for the last 6 weeks and have really tighted up how they eat. They want to start at the end of Jan. I know diet is the most important. I was going to recommend a pre contest type of diet for the whole 16 weeks and then modify it for the whole summer. Stats on one bro (Former Powerlifter) 5-9" at 230lbs at about 12-15%. He is looking for about 20lbs, which I know is alot to gain in lean muscle. I have him settled on 10lbs of lean mass and would like to see his bf at about 4-6%. The other bro, is lean at 5-10" 200lbs. He has come up from 180 about two years ago. He did a test and deca cycle earlier in 2004 and was hoping to get more size. I don't want to lead these bros down the wrong path or give false hope. Comments please.

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    Personally I would run the test 16 weeks, stop EQ at 14 weeks drop winny back so you start at week 8 and end at wk 14. You should end your cycles on test. It will also help with PCT. As for tighten up make sure they do am cardio an use a thermogenic. Last year I did a similar cycle with the cardio and thermo and had great results.

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    i agree with shoudl end your eq two weeks before you end you test

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