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    Exclamation finasteride and steroids

    Actually i'm taking finasteride for my hair loss problems.
    I wanted to know if later i mean two months from now i could use in a cycle deca durabolin primobolan tabs and oxandrolone without going into any hairloss problems.I know that deca and finasteride must not be taken togther but how much time should past from discountinuing the use of finasteride and taking deca durabolin ?can deca durabolin be taken a day after discountinuing the use of finasteride without hair loss problems.I also want to know which topicals i should use under this cycle so i won't have hair loss problems during it

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    primo and oxas are both dht derivatives. they can both be harsh on the hair. and finasteride wont help, because they already are dht.

    test+proscar would be a good alternative. but finasteride take long untill the finally operate, so you would have to start month before you cycle.

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