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Thread: Cycle Help ?

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    Cycle Help ?

    About to start my cycle in Feb or March. Give me some insight on the following

    Primobolan - weeks 1-10 400mg
    Winny tabs - weeks 3-10 25-45mg every day
    Proviron - weeks 5-10 50-100mg every day

    I want to stay away from facial bloat due that the wife can't tell.
    What can I add to this to help some.

    Also when I start the HCG at the last week should I start Nova also? have read that HCG will increase estrogen and I hate that stuff. Also will run clomid 2-3 weeks after the HCG stops.....

    Any advice Fellows?

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    Dec 2004


    Would Trenabol be a better choice than the Primobolan ??

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    you do not need proviron ,nolva (unless for pct), or hcg . Only clomid for pct and by the way your wife will never know as a matter of fact neither will you.

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