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    injecting suspension

    Ok, i've tried using a 25 and a 23 guage needle. Both needles would draw the suspension fine. It would even allow me to squirt it a little. But as soon as i injected the pin, it would get clogged. I couldn't get my hands on 22 guage yet, but could get some 20 guage. Theres absolutely no way i can use them. I tried and failed. They hurt so bad, and i bled for who know how long, and i only stuck it in like maybe 2 mm's and pulled out. What should i do. Just wait for the 22 guage, or am i doin somethin wrong. thanks

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    someone may have better advice than I do, but I had the same problem you had...At the the time I only had 23 guage needles and the test suspension clogged them quite a bit. What helped was to draw it into the syringe and then shake the syringe right before injecting it. When I did this there was no problem....

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    Just wait man it's the crystals in the suspension thats clogging the needle,I have to use a 23 to get it to work.

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    My friend used 20 gauge pins and was fine. Everyone's different though

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    suspension was a bitch to shoot up especialy i did for a first cycle watta mistake that was, from my experience shaking it well for few minutes n just shooting it up fast was the key

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    heat it up in a water bath before you draw and inject. Or add more bb to suspend it better.

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    I took the Syd Group suspension and it kept clogging my 21 gauge needles. Even when i cut it with some sterile water it still jammed. I think the particles were just too big. But then I got some Aquatest by Denkall for a buddy and he said he was shooting it with a 23 gauge no problem.

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    Suspension sucks alot I've used 22Gs for the injections and even wtih
    those needles I got my injections clogged 2-3 times each, the only way
    is to pull back the piston (with the needle in your muscles and reinject).
    I won't use that **** anymore I'd rather use other tests but no supensions.

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