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    pharmacys in tijuina

    i was wondering if pharmacys in Tijuina mexico are pretty reliable place to buy a legit stuff? can anyone tell me? thx

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    We just had a huge debate back and forth about Tijuana so first of all, please look through the threads as some good(and bad information) was given about Tijuana. As far as gear, Tijuana changed a while back and now most of the gear sold is Vet gear i.e. Qv Labs, Denkall,etc. I'm not even going to go into whether this gear is good or not, as some say it is, some say it isn't, you really just need to do your own research. As far as human grade stuff, it's pretty much limited to Sustanon redijects from Organon, and then some VERY overpriced Deca 50mg amps that aren't even worth it. There's a few 50mg Primobolan amps but come on, who needs that at a high price? Some pharmacies have black market human grade stuff but I honestly wouldn't trust it. Then there are the hustlers and corrupt cops and all that and I'm not even going to open that whole discussion again, as everyone has various opinions and you need to just find out for yourself. But my advice, as with anything else, is do as much research as you can and be VERY careful when going down there to purchase anabolics. If you do your homework, find certain pharmacies,and trust in Vet Gear, you can find some real anabolics at good prices. Good luck to you.

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