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Thread: deposteron????

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    Hey guys whats going on?? Been out of the game for a while cause of work and stuff but ready to go again.

    Anyways the question is this.

    Just recently completed buying my supplies for my next cycle and my guy threw in 20 free Deposteron cypionate 200/mg. i never seen these before and never heard of them either. They r in brown 2ml jars. Is this stuff any good and have any of u guys ever tried it before. How where the results?

    Thanx again and happy holidays.........

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    I Did It Before But,it Was Years Ago.i'm Sure The Packaging's Changed.but If This Is The Same Stuff,then Its Good. I Got Good Results When I Took It.

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    really good

    I had the same ones about 8 months ago. They were good. Probably the best cyp I have ever run. I never ever have trouble with gyno, I have never had to take any nolva. But when i tooks those i noticed the nipples getting a little puffy, so i had to throw nolva in the mix, that is the only time I have had to do that. i was really blowing up until I started the nolva, then the gains were not as good, but it was still a successfull cycle.

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