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Thread: Heart pounding

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    Heart pounding

    I always do the proper PCT and time on = time off procedures...I have just started a cycle of test E 350 and eq...550mg combined twice a week. Just yesterday i woke up with a crazy fever and intestinal problems...that has been going around but i dunno...i also woke up with a pounding heart, felt like it was expanding to huge proportions everytime i did anything to elevate my heart rate. Do you think its due to the illness or from the steroids ?

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    Check your bp to be safe, how long have you been on eq that is suppose to create more red cells henceforth more blood to feed the muscles. over 16 weeks? if not it is probably just the sickness. check your blood pressure!

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    D-bol did the exact same thing to me. Not so much the intestinal problems but it made my heart pound and beat irregular. It really was bad about an hour after I took the dose. It also substantially increased my blood pressure. It stopped when I finished the d-bol. Good luck

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    T 3 did this to me big time. But do as some of th other guys suggested, I always monitor my Blood Pressure on or off cycle. BP is something to watch very closely, espcially if you are taking any kind of AS or enhancment drug. JMO.

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    M1t, d-bol & androbol depot 250, all taken on seperate occasions made my heart pound and my stomache kill.
    m1t worse than the others , then the androbol, then the d-bol
    when i took the m1t it felt like someone was ripping my stomache out

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