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    Test E Tren Cycle?

    i have read all i can on tren on sides and what not.... but i would like to know from people who have done it or seen it first hand.... what should i prepare myself for as far as aggression acne ect....

    my cycle
    test e 750 12 weeks
    test prop 75mg ed
    tren 75mg ed

    i just wanna heads up thanx
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    well thats a lot of test........i would knock down the test and up the tren personally...unless that 75mgs is only for the first few weeks....anyway, stay away from alcohol at all times.....if you get drunk, someone is going to die....

    acne....if you already have a few zits....its going to be bad..tren is horrible on your back you cant take your shirt all...and if you have a girlfriend..shes going to know you are on might want to do the accutane first..get rid of everything...then hit it

    goodluck bro

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    You get really stong really fast from tren and your ligments need time to catch up, so be careful and don't over do it with the weights.

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