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Thread: Look at This

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    Look at This

    How does this look

    weeks 1-10 Test Eth or Cyp 400mg weekly
    weeks 5-10 Winstrol tabs 40mg ed
    weeks 6-10 Proviron tabs 30mg ed
    weeks 7-10 Masterone 100mg eod
    Nolva- should i take it throughout ?
    HCG - what weeks should i hit this stuff ?

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    We'd love to help, but need more info to help -- what are your current stats? what is your cycle history? what are your goals? how long have you been training?

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    i would personally bump the test up to 500mg/week, winny at 50mg/day.

    masteron pills or inject? either i wouldnt run it with winny. JMO....

    run nolva thruout at 10mg/day. no need for hcg in this cycle IMO>..

    i dont know much about proviron so i dunno about that.

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