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    Question Ending 4 weeks of dbol

    Bros, I'm ending my 4th week of dbol this sunday. The complete cycle looks like this:

    1-10 Test E 500mg (Testoviron )
    1-4 Dbol 25 mg (Thais)
    Nolva/Clomid PCT
    (2nd cycle, 7 years lifting @ 27yrs old)

    So far I've gained close to 20 pounds! Some fat, some water but 20 pounds nontheless. Arms have grown an inch, and strength is going through the roof.

    Question: after stopping the dbol, I know I'm bound to lose some water. How much weight loss should I expect? Will I lose size and strength?

    Hope someone can chime in. Thanks!

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    congrats on your gains...It's hard to say how much you'll lose after cycle.....when I frontload with dbol and test E I don't lose anything when I stop the dbol, but of course, after the PCT it is normal to lose a again, I don't think you'll lose anything now....but yes, you will after the cycle if over....If you do your PCT correctly and keep eating well, there's no reason why you can't hold onto perhaps 15 pounds...good luck

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    Will drop some size but remember it is bloat and of course strength - the strength is the hardest part for me. I would run the Test E another 2 weeks if you can or end with Prop injections the last two weeks while waiting for PCT to maximize your gains if you can get your hands on it

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    Lose Size and strength?
    Not at this point.. you're at week 4 correct?
    6 more weeks to go... The test-E would've commenced kicking already
    So you're good to go
    I'd extend the cycle length to at least 12 weeks tho

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    Bro at 4 weeks your going to be starting to see your solid gains from the Test. I keep gaining weight even after my drol or dbol while on test/deca .

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    Thanks for all the replies and encouragement. Yes - I've been contemplating on extending the Test E a couple more weeks. Let's see how it goes.

    Interestingly enough, my first cycle was sustanon (karachis) for 10 weeks but I barely gained 18 lbs total. I was desperate to make my 20-lb gain target and started eating mcdonalds and kfc the last few weeks. I ended up fat and bloated

    On this cycle, I'm already up 20 lbs @ end of week 4 and the test E is just starting to kick in. Either the testoviron is special or the sustanon I got the first time was bunk

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