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    How Much EQ For Vascularity?

    What up bros. Im 2 months into my cycle, it looks like this....

    1 gram Test Enan (per week)
    400 mg Deca (per week)
    30 mg d-bol (split up throughout day)
    20 mg nolva (per day)

    D-bols done
    Im gonna run the Deca and Test another 8 weeks for a total 4 month cycle

    im running HCG 500ui per day for 10 days right now in the middle of the cycle...ill run it the last week again right b4 pct.

    pct with clomid 300/100/50
    and nolva 20mg

    Here's the question...i wanna start running EQ with the Deca and Test for the last 8 weeks. My bf% is just not a very vascular guy naturally...i wanna look veiny, like there are garden hoses running under my skin by the end of my cycle...what dosage of EQ would you recommend for optimal results stacked with my other gear..and approx how long does it take to see a noticable change in vascularity from start of EQ usage? I never used EQ b4. thanx bros.

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    at 1 gram of test you can run 500mg of EQ no problem, but 8 weeks isnt long enough. It take for me atleast about 6 weeks before i see/feel the FULL effect of it. 12 weeks minimum on EQ is standard rule.

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