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    Planning my second cycle

    Hey guys, I'm about to start my pct for my 1st cycle. I ran 500 mg of enthanate for 12 weeks and kickstarted it with 4 weeks of d-bol @ 40mg/day. Igained about 25 pounds and i'm looking to keep at least 15 of it. Anyways, I'm quite eager to try some fina in my next cycle which i plan on doing in about 3months. Heres' what i got so far

    wks 1-4-40mg/day D-bol
    wks 1-12-750 mg/wk Enthanate
    wks 4-12- 75 mg Fina ED

    10 mg of nolva throughout cycle, with maybe some letro for prolactin, b6, multivitaminsand nolva and clomid for pct.

    I basically want to bulk again, but i want to stay failrly lean so i'll be doing cardio to bring my abs out. I wanna get up to about 230 (i'm 220 now), while shedding a few inches around my waist. Is there anything else i'm missing.

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    I would stop the fina at week 10, or run the test 2 weeks longer. why not try running prop from wk 1-4 to kickstart and that way you can start fina at week 1 also.

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