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    Cytomel T-4 anyone KNOW?

    I was looking at some products that my friend has and i just want to know if body has heard of cytomel T-4. He said it is a great fat burner and if you take it with clen then you will get shredded,if you stay on a clean diet. any help will do. Thanks

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    I have tried T4 and it sucked didn't do anything for me.

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    t4 is useles, it is converted to t3, so if u wanna take something then t3. and t3 sucks also big time, nice bouncing back after u finish. if u want to get lean, eat clean and get a calorie deficit.

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    The two main thyroid hormones are T4 (thyroxin) and T3 (levo-Triiodothyronine). The thyroid gland mainly produces T4 which is later converted by a deiodinase enzyme to T3. The interesting thing is that T3 is about five times more potent at
    raising the Basal Metabolic Rate than T4. In a dieting situation, the body produces less deiodinase enzyme, therefore producing less T3.
    Without the effects of the more potent T3 the Basal Metabolic Rate decreases. Of course, there is plenty of T4 but it’s just not potent enough to
    maintain the metabolism. With a lowered metabolism, less calories are burned on a daily basis and the diet ceases to work


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