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    Need advice on supplement's

    I've been out of training for a few year's now and really need to get back at it. When I was training I was using Winstrol and had some modest gain's I didn't want to get big too fast.
    But now I'm ready to go hard and big, I've managed to keep some of the gain's I made but I'm sitting at 245lbs at 6' 2" As you could imagine I've softened up a bit due too lack of dedicated training the past 2 year's. So I'm looking for suggestion's on what to try, I'm not too worried about losing weight I want muscle mass.
    I looked at ***** but it's all over my head I'm not sure what to start with this time round.
    Any suggestion's would be helpful
    Thank's Eh!

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    I think you should go natural for a while and get your training and diet and everything else in to answer your question id say grab some whey protein and some glutamine and some bcaa's and you should be set for a bit...oh ya a multi to

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    Hes trained before, he knows whats up.

    Get your diet right, hit up 500mg of test E per week, for 10-12 weeks, and go from there.

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