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    test & dbol cycle

    I am going to start running 400mg. test cyp a week and 30mg. dbol e/d. I was planning on taking 200mg. on mon. and 200mg. on thurs. is this right? My question is on my first injection do I need to take 400mg. and then go to 200mg. twice a week? I have read somewhere to do that I cant remember the proper terminology for it. Is this doulble dose on the first injection really needed?

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    Its called frontloading when you double up. IMO there is no need. If you want to really get technical shoot 200mg of cyp E3D, but mon, thursday will suffice.
    Also get some nolva and clomid, make sure you do a lot of reading before you start this stuff!

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    Here's a good thread about front loading. In my opinion, it is also unnecessary.

    When will my "GEAR" kick in & frontloading explained...NOW READ IT!

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