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    R these guns registered?!

    Where you guys buy Propecia from?

    I realized there are many sites sell Propecia. Also, prices and boxes vary. Could you let me know where is the best place to get it from? with respect to price, quality and fast shipping.

    Thanks all!

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    Propecia is expensive. I'd go with a lab like Ar-R and buy the finasteride (same ingredient as propecia). It will be much less expensive.

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    You should get proscar instead, same stuff, much much lower price.

    You might have heard all of this before, but here I go anyway:

    -Propecia is 1 mg of finasteride. Propecia was made after Proscar.

    -Proscar is 5 mg of finasteride. It is a medicine for enlarged prostate.

    -Users of proscar reported significant decreases in hair loss as a side effect. So Merck looked into it and found the finasteride helped prevent male pattern baldness.

    -You can get tabs of proscar and cut them into 4 pieces, take one per day so 1.25 mg of finasteride per day.

    -Proscar should cost about 75 cents per day if taken as described above.

    PM me if you want a source for proscar. You can also get propecia there but again, the proscar is cheaper.

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