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    How to determine if you have MPB?

    Father and grandfather on my mothers side both have nice heads of hair. Couldnít tell you anything about my grandfather on my fathers side.

    I am 24 and I have your average amount of loss. Very minimal up towards the temples. I donít think I would ever be mistaken for having 'thinning' hair, but at the same time I have noticed a tad bit of loss since around 21 or so.

    Havenít noticed it all in the last year or two, but around 20/21 I did notice hair on my hands while shampooing, but nothing extraordinary...probably 20 strands, at the most, per shower.

    MPB is not going to sway my use and I will be starting my first cycle (Test) here in a couple weeks. Just wondering if I should think about investing in some hair loss products, or if there is even really a way to make a good guestimate to whether or not I am even 'predisposed'.

    For those of you older than me with a considerable amount of hair loss...when did you start REALLY losing it?

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    From what you have told us ,I would say yes you have MPB. Im older than you and have never had any hair come out while brushing or shampooing. Thats not normal for someone that doesnt have MPB.

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    I was born with a "widows Peak" but it started getting worse around 18, and during my first cycle my hairline moved about an inch. Afterwards it came back a little, noticeable, but not back to normal. I think you'll know after your first cycle, for sure. Your probbaly not going to lose a massive amout of hair your first go around. But then again ragaine isn't that expensive. I'm now twenty and have a similar hairline to Branch Warren bummer

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    On a side note... my father also 'lost' some hair around my age. He is almost 50 with a full head of hair, yes a little thinner than someone in their 20's, or even 30's, but still full. I believe MOST people lose at least a little in their 20's, no? Everyone loses quite a few hairs throughout the day...I think I was just being paranoid while in the shower. Yes, I actually counted the strands of hair throughout the entire shower, hah.

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    Both my father and my Grandfather on my mothers side had a full head of hair all their lives (70+ years). I'm 38, and had lost only about 1/2 to 1 inch on my hairline until I went on 750 mg of Test e per week 5 weeks ago. I've lost almost 1 inch on my hairline since then, but have not been using anything to prevent it (finasteride, Nizoral, etc.). Just my experience for what it's worth.

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    I was wondering the same thing. My dad has MPB, and so did his dad iirc, but my mom's dad had a full head of hair.

    I'm 26 and have a full head of hair still very thick (too thick imo), no receeding hairline. When I was on prohormones I noticed some shedding if I rubbed my hair really hard, but since I got off everthing's been fine.

    I'm now on a cycle of test and eq, I have Nizoral but haven't used it yet b/c I haven't noticed any shedding.

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