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    Dec 2004

    20 already taken 2 cycles: need help

    Hey guys i am not here to ask if i am old enough to juice b/c i know that i should have waited.
    5'11 220 around upper abs are visible but dont know my bf%

    i havent noticed any major sides and my natural test seems to be kicking good/ but my question is about my endocrine system! when and what effects will i have on my endocrine system.
    i was young and stupid when it came to aas and didnt know about the endocrine system effects
    any help could be appreciated

    1st cycle: week 1-6 stan 250 e3d
    week 1-8 test 250/w
    2nd cycle: week 1-7 sustanon 250 1 inj per week(stuipid i know)

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    I'm in the same boat, in my part of the world, everyone was juicin as juniors in high school. I first started PH as a freshman. We didn't know or care what the long term effectss were. I just going with it, I figure most of the damage was allready done. My testes are laughable, though.

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    get a blood test done to see where your hormone levels are at.

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    is that the only way to see if everything is going good?
    if i havent had problems getting it up then everything should be ok/ right?

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