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    deca/dbol/sust cycle (please help)

    Hey i was hoping to get some 21 bout 175 6'2. Ive done a few cycles b4 but nothing real serious. IVe done a cycle of just test enthalate 250 mg a week for 10 weeks. then a cycle of test n deca and also a cycle of test n dbol but at real low dosages never goin above 250 or 300 for either test or deca and never above 25 mg a day with dbol. during my last cyle i was up to bout 200 lbs n wanna get that back or more...i was wondering how this cycle looks to u guys n if u think i can acheive my goal of 205 with this cycle? ohh n i know u might say 50 mg of dbol is too much a day but i only have 50 mg tabs n i dont wanna break um n waste powder...n i also heard that the 50 mg tabs r sometimes weaker then the 5 mg ones. Also i was wondering what would be the best way to take all of this bc ive heard that u should split up the sust throughout the week n ive heard from some people to just take that whole 50 mg of dbol at once n then ive heard split it up into 4 times a day...but that is gonna be real hard seeing as how i have 50 mg tabs....please help

    (weeks 1-6) 50 mg dbol/day
    (weeks 1-10) 250 mg sustanon /week weeks 4-6 500 mg sust
    (weeks 1-10) 300 mg deca/week

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    (weeks 1-6) 50 mg dbol /day
    (weeks 1-10) 250 mg sustanon/week weeks 4-6 500 mg sust
    (weeks 1-10) 300 mg deca /week

    I would keep the sus at 500 (shooting eod) during each week. Better to keep it consistent and higher than the deca dose. Run the sus a week longer than the deca.

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    Dbol 50mg!!! no way bro run Dbol 1-4 and 50 needs to go down to 35-40

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    you could run the dbols at 25 and get sufficient results

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    What Kind Of D-bols Are They....europharm?

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    im not sure what kind of dbol it is...there small round pills and are a light orange friend origionally made the post for me n i just joined the site thats the reason for the diff screen name

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