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    yet another question bout clen..

    I have been reading countless threads about clen , and have read many articles on it. I recently purchased some 40mcg tabs from a source of mine and I'am pondering on how i should take it and for how long. I see that u are supposed to start with small doses and work your way up. also that some people perfer a 2 week on 2 week off cycle. i want to get as much out of this product as possible. also i see that some people like to take Taurine with it and sometimes benadryl. can u guys just clear up which cycle is best and what other supplements i should take with this. aprreciate it!!

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    your right about the clen . Start samll and gradually work up. The benadryl is used to help counter act your bodies ability to build a tolerance to clen. Cuz it is a beta-2- antagonist, juat about any anti-histamine will work. This way you don't need to cycle the clen.

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    take 50-100 mg of Benadryl during week 3 and you wont need to go 2 on and 2 off.....go read the clen handbook on the educational threads and you will see everything you need.

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