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Thread: where to start

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    where to start

    i ll make this brief,

    i just came off back surgery 7 mos ago(laser disc)

    not a real biggie, i was back at work in 2 wks, now its time

    to get back into it, my first problem is the letter i just recieved from customs

    saying my package is being held at JFK (dam dogs)LoL

    second is my age(im 40) don t feel or look it but i do have some milage

    on the tires, i am the hardest gainer i know--PBJs,tuna, n-large2-3 times a

    day, and i hover at 165 lbs, this would have been my first cycle(full),

    any help on the age/first cycle would be great


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    first cycle for you should be test e 500mg per week for 12 weeks plus anti e's and pct.

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    If you are just getting back to lifting after 7 months I would suggest laying off the juice and getting your base back before aas. You need to strengthen your tendons and connective tissue b4 you put them under the stress of the additional weight you are going to be pushing while on juice. If you have been working out this whole time then a simple 500mg Test E cycle (split in to 2 injections per week) is a good first cycle. I am running this cycle right now, it's my first.

    Good luck Bro.

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    ive been hitting medium hard for the last month, mostly core movement routine

    the last 2 weeks have been

    monday--chest and bi s

    wed---shoulder and tri s


    my right elbow was telling me i was going to heavey too fast so

    i checked the ole ego at the door and dropped it down a lil and all is going

    smooth, i have like minimal body fat no matter what i eat, so i ll just keep

    plugging away, and as far as JFK security, their tightning the reigns, my

    work out partner just recieved the same letter---gonna have to stay local

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