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    I need help with Deca QV300

    I am thinking about taking Deca QV300.
    I have been working out for around 6 months now and I am improving very quickly.
    Well anyway.
    I am 5'11 and 180 lbs. I heard that Deca QV300 dosen't do so much as to get you big as it mostly is to get you ripped. My bf is around 15% last time I checked and I really need to know what it looks like so I know I am getting the right **** and not ripped off. How much I should pay for it. What else I should use while I take. What I should use for a good PCT and how much I need for 1 cycle. If anyone can help me please do so.

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    with questions like this i think the best advise is to research on here for a bit.

    the best way to cut up is diet and cardio! get that in check 1st.

    dont do deca byitself u always need test as a base. as deca will shut u down without it. deca will not get u ripped, it has a little water retnetion with it. but it all depends on diet as far as gains/leaness/bulkiness go.

    for a 1st cycle i would recomend test e or cyp at 500mg/week for 10 weeks and mabe some dbol for the qst 4 weeks. JMO.....

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    If you've only been training for 6 months and improving very quickly - why do you want to jump to gear, just keep doing what you are doing while manipulating your diet and gain as much as you can naturally. IMO, and i'm not bashin you, but if you are seriously considering jumping right in to gear, you're not ready mentally for it bro.

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    Deca doesnt make you ripped or burn fat in any way. If you get some Deca youll will need testosterone to take with it. You can not take Deca by itself.. For reasons why Just do a search on this site. write "Deca only Cycle" in there and that should give alot information.

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    You should REALLY do some more research and then plan out an appropriate cycle to achieve your goals. Deca will not get you ripped at all and it is a MUST to use some type of test with it. There is TONS of info on deca, test, and PCT (post cycle therapy ). on here. Read and familiarize yourself with these compounds first then start your cycle once you know what you are putting into your body. Good luck bro.

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    If you've only been working out for 6 months -- stay natural -- You have no need for AAS right now.....Eat a clean diet, train hard, and do a ton of research. After 2 to 3 years of doing this you'll be ready to experiment....

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    Thanks for all the information guys. You have been a great help. Wow I got bull****ted big time about deca . I am glad I came here or I might have gotten really ****ed up on that ****. Oh my age is 19. But, you guys have been a great help. And I am looking at steroids because my mass isn't really getting larger I am only getting stronger. And I am not seeing any muscle gain at all. I am the same size as when I have started but my bench has gone up over 100lbs since I started. I am repping 265 now. I just want something to improve musle mass and cutness. If there is any advice on a diet please give me a link to one.

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