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Thread: Advice Needed

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    Advice Needed

    Whats up Bro's,
    My boy asked me this question and I wasn't to sure how to answer him. He says he wants to go on drol for 6 weeks for spring break.Stop for 4 weeks during April and start cyceling again in may. He wants to use drol for the first 4 weeks and add other anabolics until the end of august. I don't even know where to start with this. He's pretty set on it. So I guess I need help in informing him how to run it correctly. Help bros he starts next week.

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    he'll bloat like helll if he runs drol... not good considering im assuming he wants to cut for SB

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    I take it he's afraid of needles or something? Cant argue atleast he's doing a test cycle. I have known guys that have run drol cycles only and got good results. Going to be a beating on the liver though. That length of a cycle Im not to sure about either. My opinion is it's not a correct cycle and drol should be used to front a good cycle using the longer esters like cyp or enanthate . He wants to spike his system up and down like that well he can expect the hormonal imbalance to cause worse side effects than normally would be tolerated.

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