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    2nd cycle concerns

    Hey guys

    I did small cycle about 6 months ago consisting of ~400mg test and 200mg deca for 10 weeks (i ended the deca 2 weeks early to time pct).

    Now my primary goal was mass for that cycle and i was thinking of another like this

    weeks 1-8 500mg test enan
    weeks 1-4 25mg d-bol
    weeks 1-PCT 10mg nolva/day
    weeks 9.5-13 PCT

    Now here's my concerns

    1. For some stupid reason clomid is really rare and very expensive for me to get so i was wondering if i could get away with just using nolva for PCT. If not its no problem ill just pay what i have to id rather be safe than sorry...

    2. I had some acne issues last cycle (ie. acne on my face/body and im a pretty self conscious person). I figured it was just from the test however i was only injecting once a week on cyp so could it have been caused because i wasnt injecting frequently enough? or was it the test mainly. Also does d-bol cause acne as much as test? If it does could someone suggest another cycle alternative. Acne is more of a concern than gyno even.... so i might just end up having to leave gear alone

    Thanks in advance guys

    edit : I was also considering an anavar only cycle for 8 weeks... donno if this is appropriate or not...
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    I would run the test for atleast 10 weeks. You can get clomid at most research companies.

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