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Thread: ED injections

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    ED injections

    hey bros i am on day 6 of test prop and var cycle and my A$$ is SORE i am thinking of injecting some where else i am hurting bad bro i feel like an old man i now see why alot of people dont do ed injections (gets old real quick)
    well starting to kick in a bit i am getting some good pumps especially on arms and chest days i really feel it. will keep you guys posted

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    You should really be rotating sites bro.

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    Yeah rotate the site's In my Prop cycle coming up I'm doing left quad, right quad, left delt, right delt, left tricep, right tricep as my sites to inject.

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    You need to rotate your injection sites bro. It will minimize scar tissue and, in some cases, reduce your chances of an abscess.

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    bro try the quads. easiest injection site then comes tris IMO

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    You need to rotate injection sites..dont want scar tissue building'll kick you in the ass later on... try this site

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    better you then me bro- I have been injoying being natural, not having to stick my self all to hell. One cycle I did one of the great pro's out there sugested I do 10 cc of omnidren per week in one day then do my eq every 3 days. That sucked putting that much stuff in. It was for 3 weeks then off for 6 weeks. If you know a bout cycles you can tell my budy wasn't from the USA. In Europe, some and many beleave in the high mg injections once per week. I know some that did 20 cc's in one day then took 4 to 6 weeks off. I never got that one..
    By the way I did gain a lot off of that cycle but didn't keep much and no side efects that I know of yet. Let us know the results

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