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    retainability of equipose gains

    on a scale of 1 to 10

    how retainable are the gains from equipose

    1 being worst

    10 being best

    ive heard varying opinions in profiles of equipose around the net and im curious about opinions from those whove actually takin it

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    10 with good pct and diet

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    with a proper pct and remaining on a good diet u will b able to keep most of ur gains on anything IMO...other than the water retention of course.

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    9 again with proper pct

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    It's not possible to say unless you find people who have run eq by itself. Most run it with test, so how do you know how much weight came from each roid?

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    I think a lot of people confuse retainability of muscle fiber with losing water weight at the end of the cycle. The reason EQ is known for giving keepable gains is because you gain very very little water while using it, probably less than a pound for most people, same with Tren which also has the same reputation as being a lean and keepable mass builder. When really if you took a stack like Test/Deca /Dbol blew up 30lbs and pissed away 10-15lbs leaving you with 15-20lbs, that would still be comparable to the 15ish pounds you would keep in an EQ or Tren cycle. The difference being you wouldnt piss anything away, you still end up with the same gain in muscle mass except you see yourself losing size in one of the cycles and call the gains less keepable.

    Duration, dosage and diet makes more of a difference than what you take in particular as long as you use the core AAS drugs like Test, Deca, EQ, Tren, etc. There are other differences though, some give more strength, some are thermogenic and make you lose fat, make you more vascular, others will give you raw size but more water...

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    Tren on the other hand does not convert to estrogen at all the structure doesnt allow it where EQ still aromatizes 25% to test. Water retention is very possible on EQ for individuals sensitive to estrogen but unlikely. So in keeping the gains id give it a 8 to 9 but just the fact that EQ increases the apetite so much gives it a 10000 +.I love EQ and i always use it in my cycles instead of deca . They both use same receptors and deca i find makes me fluish and has a bad effect on the nuts. Love EQ and dont waste time with dosages under 400mgs a week and shorter than 10 weeks

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    8-9 proper PCT and diet is key.

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