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    Simple cycle question

    About to go on my third and final cycle. I'm 27 6'4 190 and very lean. I want to try test 400 w/ d-bol. Its that ok and how would I run it. Hey, I appreciate any help w/ this. THANKS

    Man come on, just a quick reply is all I'm looking for.
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    LMAO your last cycle. I would be willing to bet on that..

    What are your stats..

    If it were me I would run
    1-4 dbol 40-50mg ed
    1-12 800mg test wk
    1-End of pct 10-20mg nolva ed
    1-End of pct .25mg l-dex ed
    PCT clomid.

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    last was sust. and deca 10wks. I just always have good results off of dbol , thats why I want to use it. Any suggestions. Thanks

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