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    cytomel after dbol

    my next cycle is
    wks 1-4 25 mgs of dbol ed

    wks 1-12 test e250 1cc every 3rd day

    wks5-12 75 mgs or fina ed

    wks7-12 cytomel taken properly

    my question is will the cytomel really cut me up even after all the water retention from the dbol

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    SwoleCat is offline AR Hall of Fame
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    No, diet and cardio (if done) are what are going to cut you up.

    Water retention is not related to fat loss in any way/shape/form.


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    You'll lose your water retention from the dbol before even starting your T3. As long as your supplementing the proper anti-e s in your cycle...water retention should be minimal.

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