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    cutting cycle, prop vs. enanthate

    is there any particular reason you should do test prop over enanthate for a cutting cycle? same question for tren E and tren A.... i've got a cutting cycle coming up and i wanted to avoid daily injections. i'll do it if i have to, it isn't that big a deal, i just wanted to know the reasoning for daily injections for a cutting cycle. if it matters, i'm gonna throw some EQ in the mix too.

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    You hold more water on Test E. But alot of people cut on Test E also.. Alot to do with your diet..

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    well less water retention with test prop
    tren e and tren A...the only difference is that one is attached to an enanthate ester and requires less frequent injection--2x's/week

    there is no reasoning by daily injections...the only thing that relates to is the half life of the esters that you are dealing with and trying to maintain consistent plasma levels so your plasma levels dont look like an EKG meter.

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    The prop will give you much higher blood test levels. In terms of gain IMO test e and letro is a great sub for prop.

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