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Thread: M1t/prop??

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    Bro's i need your help: I've been on m1t for 1 week now, and so far its ok, however i gotta get on the real deal!! So... Im thinking about continuing m1t for 3 more weeks, should i get on prop right away or should i wait 4 weeks(time on=time off) and then get on prop/winny.
    Stats: 5'7 172lbs @ 10%bf. Done one test enth. cycle for 10 weeks.

    My cycle:

    wk 1-6 Prop- 50mg/d
    wk 2-6 winny- 30mg/d

    Should i start this when im done with my m1t or should i give my body a rest and get off for 4 weeks and then start the prop/winny??

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    i personally would wait a couple weeks then run a complete cycle of prop that should last at least 10 weeks. then from weeks 5 to 10 you can bring the winny in. the prop dosage is good for a newb but i personally would bump the winny to 50mg/day. also, to be safe and sure, include 10mg of nolva as well per day throughout the cycle. then of course perform proper PCT when the cycle is completed. good luck to you bro.

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