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Thread: T-3 question

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    What do you think?

    I have about 40 tabs of T-3 left over from last cycle, do you think that 25 mcg everyday will show results? or should i just take a higher dose for alot less days?
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    There are a lot of ways that people run T-3............

    Some will ramp up and back down, othere's will run Mallet's way of 7 on 5 off, but I like running the 25mcg ED for a few weeks. When I run high dosages of T-3 I become very lethargic......... also when ramping and the comming off it will take your thyroid longer to recover........... this lag can cause a big rebound effect and cause you to put fat on pretty quick.

    One other this is that I run the 25mcg while on AAS................ but at that dose I don't think there will be any problems with the T-3 causing you to eat at your muscle if you're not going to run AAS.

    To answer your question yes it can help with results as long as the diet and cardio are there as well.

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