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Thread: Inject Rotation

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    Inject Rotation

    I know there was a recent post regarding this issue but I did not want to bump it up again.

    My question is similar to the recent post - I inject ED, and need to work on rotating other injection sites.

    I was originally alternating glutes ED, but it's getting to where my glutes are taking their own shape.

    I started injecting into delts, they are painful as hell. I can barely lift my arm after for a couple days. I guess this could be normal, the same thing happens with my quads. My glutes never have pain. I have also tried calve muscles but they hurt and I am most prone to infections in them.

    I was wondering how long it usually takes to get an injection site to get "used" to the injections to where the pain will be minimal. I can tough it out for awhile - but continual pain in my delts is a bitch.

    Any advice or opinions bros?


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    From day one with my shoulders they never hurt like you said. I mean, they were sore the first few times as I was getting used to hitting it right but not to the point where i couldn't lift. Try your tris bro, they are a sure shot.

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    the site wont get used to the injections, u'll just b so used to doin it u'll foeget about it. try mixing with b12 if it hurts a lot.

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    I have been injecting in delts,pecs and calves. Those sites have been a little sore, but nothing to where I couldn't lift. Pecs and calves are not that bad... it just took a little getting use to. I have been shooting Tren cut with B12. That might be why they have not been hurting much.

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    Hey bro, you can try running the syringe under warm water before you shoot to cut down on the soreness. And I find injecting slow helps quite a bit too.

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