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    CYcle with short detection times!

    I am begining to plan my 4th cycle in the spring right after football training camp. I from basically May 1 until Sept 1 to complete a cycle and be undectable, or at least almost there as testing can happen any time starting in sept when the season starts. I want to incorporate igf-1 r3 into my cycle as well as some GH. My cycle looks something like this so far....any suggestions;

    Weeks 1-8 Test Prop; 100mg ED
    Weeks 1-8 Winny; 50mg ED
    Weeks 1-8 IGF-1; 40mcg ED
    Weeks 1-14 Jintropin; 2IU ED

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    I can consider myself an expert on passing drug test. The first thing i am going to say is winny is a no no the detection time used to be 3 weeks but it is around 5-6 weeks. Also the hgh last for 86 days, sorry to break that to you. So this is what i would do.

    1-10 test p 100mg ed
    1-6 turnibol or anavar 40mg ed
    1-4,then 9-13 igf-1 40mcg's inject into muscle worked that day.
    .5mg of armidex ed
    PCT 10-13 200mg of clomid for 4 days, then 100mg for a week, 50mg the rest of the way.Run the igf-1 in the pct like i have it.

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