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    Talking after first shot

    i just start my cycle last week of test enath but this week i got some cold and coughing,do i have to keep going on my cycle or to wait till i feel better,till now i just got one shot of 250mg of test enath.i appreciate ur help.

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    you are only doin 250 a week, one shot a week? why?

    i doubt the cold is related, just keep shooting and let the cold wear off. get sleep.

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    It's really up to you. There is now harm postponing your cycle until the cold is gone. If you continue with it, make sure your calories don't drop and be sure to get more sleep than usual.

    The test will not really 'kick in' for another 4 weeks at least so that is when most of your big gains will come and you will feel unstoppable in the gym.


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    strange you should mention that almost everytime i start a cycle i get crazy cold symptoms almost sust flu like i'm all snotty and s***. but yeah keep going colds are nothing. up your dose try 300-400mg

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