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    Please check out my third cycle

    I would like to run my idea for a third cycle by you guys. Here is what I've done so far.

    Cycle 1:
    Done a long time ago, can't remember what exactly I took, I think it was a combo of sust/dbol /test enanthate . Lost the gains quickly due to poor diet.

    Cycle 2:
    12 week cycle
    Enanthate 500/wk; Deca 400/wk; and Dbol 50/day (week 1-4) + Nolva + L-dex
    Gains = 20 lbs (went from 185# to 205#), I've kept my gains for about a month off the cycle now, and am doing PCT at the moment. I'm also keeping a good high protein/calorie diet.

    Cycle 3:
    I would like to do another Enanthate/Deca/Dbol cycle. Does that seem ok? or should I try to switch it up a bit. My main purpose is to bulk more. If I can keep the same combination should I up the dosages or keep them the same?

    Thanks for any input you guys can provide!
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    thats a classic bulker

    wk 1-4 Dbol 35mg ED
    wk 1-12 test E 500mg
    wk 1-11 Deca 400mg

    nolva and bromo ED
    pct 2 weeks after last test shot

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