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    First cycle in 7 days

    I will be starting my 1st cycle next monday. But i have a few more questions about some thing to get them out of the way....
    my cycle looks like this:
    1-4 dbol @ 30mg ED (split into 3 doses 4 hours apart)
    1-12 Test E @ 250mg monday and thursday
    1-12 Nolva @ 10mg ED
    1-12 B6 @ 100mg ED
    Possibly thinking about runnin winstrol or anavar at the end of the cycle
    14-17 Clomid

    1.Is it perfectly ok to go in the 1.5in. into the glutus medius (may be spelled wrong i apologize ahead of time)? I will be shooting both sides.
    2.Does the cycle look good, any adjustments?

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    i suggest frontloading in order to reach your desired blood level quicker and minimize fluctuations

    When will my "GEAR" kick in & frontloading explained...NOW READ IT!

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    1.5"ers in your glutes 2Xs/wk alternating side is perfectly OK. For a first go I suggest just stickin' with the dbol and enth....same the winny/var for a future cycle. I would maybe bump the nolva to 20mg/ED and run it with your PCT clomid. Whats the B-6 for?

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