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    what's a good price for test e 250?

    finally considering injectables. need a price check and a little advice, please.

    my source says $80 for 10 shots @ 250mg...i assume they'll be 1mL @ 250mg/ that a solid price?

    it's pharmaceutical grade "testoviron " but it's called test e on the list. if i'm not mistaken, isn't testoviron 200/50 enan/prop? as such, what would the dosing intervals be?

    little background on me...

    6'6" 270lbs BF ~14%
    lifting 10 years, properly for 7, eating right for 5, eating RIGHT for 2.
    2 years prohormone & legal steroid use
    mild AAS (oral-only) use incorporated into legal cycles


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    I sell my 200 for 50 and 250 for 60 but than again Im a vet direct guy, no middle man mark up! For 250 Ive seen people pay from 60 -120, depending! 80's not bad tho!
    I think that is a blend of prop,enth but make it easy and it will say ENANTATO or whatever it is!

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    I paid 80 for mine through my brother in law...thats not a bad price. The bottle was a half cc short and it still had the security tab on it.

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