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    animal cuts and clen???

    I plan to start clen and thoroughly read the clen handbook. I am going to use 2 weeks on and 2 off. I have the taurine for my liver. What do I take during the 2 weeks off??? It says not to use effedra or yohimbie. What about the off weeks? I have animal cuts and do like them. Im resarching the animal cuts and they are lots of digestive enzimes. Would they be harmful? What else is im them that I should be aware of?

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    Just don't run another compound meant for thermogenic response in conjunction with the clen .

    The taurine is not completely necessary, but since you have it, run it.

    During your 2 week down time you should take a thermo, ie. animal cuts, to keep metabolism high and prevent any new fat accumulation.

    When you go back to clen for the second time, it won't be necessary to ramp up your dosage if you know what your body responded to.

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    Run an ECA stack while on the two weeks off..


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