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    Tren, B-Bol, and Test question

    I am going to run a cycle with Dbol , Tren , and Test Ethanate for my first cycle. I was just curious if anyone had any tips on dosages etc. I am almost 21, 5'7, 195 pounds, and I have been lifting for 4 years. Also should I run Nolvadex throughout the whole cycle or just at the end? I was thinking of just running a high dose of clomid along with trib. for PCT.

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    i would lose the tren for a 1st cycle bro. stick with the test e and dbol . ex:

    wks 1-4 30mg/dbol/ed
    wks 1-10 test e 500mg/week
    10mg/nolva thruout then 20mg/day for pct along with clomid.

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    my advise is more research and and no tren

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