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    Hopefully a Correct Basic Cycle

    Hey guys I wanted to post this cycle I thought would work for about 20-30lbs of weight gain. I am 6-1 195 and looking to get to and stay at 225. I hypothetically did one cycle before similar but with deca and not eq. I held some water and thought that poofiness may be reduced with the eq. I was 225 at around 7-9 percent and looked great but would like to look a little leaner. This cycle would be a jump start to get there and then I would work on refining the weight I gained to make a more complete physique.

    I was thinking about a year working hard would get me back to where I wanted to be with this cycle and maybe oneother. After I can maintain the 225 I will reevaluate. The reason I lost about thirty pounds is that I toned down the calories I was taking in as well as the heavy weights and went for more cardio. I got busy with moving, school and work and it took a lot of work to maintain 225 when I was a skinny 160 5 years ago. Now I have time and the drive to do it again. (this is my first post so I thought i had to explain myself a little also)

    Here is the cycle:

    Weeks 1-12 500mg Enanthate
    Weeks 1-12 400mg Equipoise
    Weeks 1-4 D-Bol 30mg ed
    Weeks 1-4 20mg nolva
    Week 12 3000 iu every 5 days then 15th and 20th day 1500iu
    Midweek 14 100mg clomid ed and 20mg nolva ed
    Midweek 15-17 50mg clomid ed 20mg nolva ed

    Thanks for any input. I kind of just wanted to get my first message out.

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    run the test a week longer then the EQ. If you wanna stay leaner try Prop at 50mg ED for weeks 1-4 instead of dbol . Unsure about the HCG , but I dont think youll need it for a 13 week cycle, also if you do use it, use it starting half way

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