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    STEROIDS KILL! by Tom Ciola

    guess what just landed on my office desk?yup the new book, "steroids kill!" by tom ciola. i had to read it. had to! because i knew what was coming and i just had to see it in print for myself. i just opened to package 30 seconds before i started typing this. as i's full of shameless plugs for HOT STUFF, the supplement!!!****ign shameless! oh and in the wrapper as i opened it fell out two brochures on RAZOR CUTS and other half assed products distributed from House of David , which is coincidently the same company that wrote and distributes the book STEROIDS KILL!. how weird??!!
    apparently i can "unlock my muscularity" with razor cuts!! and it's "100% hot" as well!!! so HOT STUFF "The Anabolic Activator" has now tried to capitalize on the untimely deaths of many notable pro athletes and bodybuilders by writing a book plugging their bull**** products. i will be writing them an email as soon as i get done typing this to tell them of their disgraceful marketing tactics. i will definately post any reply they send me.
    oh and also if you are feeling charitable, you can DONATE MONEY to(drumroll)...ATHLETES AGAINST STEROIDS!!!!!!!!!!!oh yeah it's donated to the same company that makes HOT STUFF incase you didn't already figure that one out.
    how dare they take the deaths of many great by pushing this ****. i knew it and i just had to order it to see for myself.
    not discounting information as i have not yet read this book, but shameless none the less

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    Their ethics suck, not much more can be said.

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    what a croc

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    Is Razor Cuts a brand, or do they actually preach cutting yourself to get bigger?

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    yup....all for the money!!!

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    good post nyc, you are completely right. i hope all goes well in your letter and hopefully something positive will come out of this.

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    LI, NY kidd!!
    razor cuts??....lost on this one!

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    What a bunch of bull....

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    Burn in Hell Fu--ers. With all the stuff right now in the news and the deaths, there is going to be a witch hunt for labs and us. When something gets this talked about in the media it forces people to do something about it. We are not hurting anybody. We are definatley not like crack addicts or speed freaks. We don't do insane sh-t for gear and it does not create the demand for more.

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