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    ok i just injected the .5 mg and the rest got stuck so far i stabbed myself 7 times tryin to inject winny and yes blood everywhere!!! *me calms down ok. so i took out 1 ml and injected it into my mouth and mmm it tastes weird and my belly went burp a bit .. so i was wondering.. no harm done if i keep doing this? and i mean its an injectable shouldnt it stay injectable or alright if i keep drinkin it.. ..? also i got Q how do pro body builders stay lean on bulk cycles like dbol /deca /sustanon will add a buttload of water retention how do they manage to stay soo ripped? i dont beleive they go on strict diets all their lives max i did was 8 months on tuna/water/chicken..

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    They dont stay lean on bulk cycles,its just they can manage to hide it
    and yes,you can drink stanazol if taht was your question
    just watch for gasteritis by taking it on full stomack
    you may also want to divide the doses for higher blood levels round the clock.

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    ya its fine to drink it, and pros have a full supply of gh,igf and wutevery else u can think of. and there job is to eat,workout repeat. also genetics plat a huge role.

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