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    Purposed cutting cycle critique

    My 3rd cycle ran Test E & Prop before for 8 weeks each. Here's the next cycle.
    Wk 1-12 Prop 100mg ED
    Wk 1-10 EQ 200mg a week (Not sure when to cut it off for PCT... input pls)
    Wk 1-6 Tren 75mg ED (Is this to much & to long for 1st time Tren virgin)
    AND the standard 3 week Clomid/Nova/HCG PCT 3 days after the last Prop shot.

    *** I have 500 x 2.5mg of Halo & 200 x 5mg Var. (I know not to run them together) but for a 12 weeker can I run Var 40mg ED from week 1-4 and week 9-12 run 40mg of Halo. Var shoud pound my liver and then the Halo is to close the show.

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    i would drop the hcg from pct, and run it during cycle or not at all, and imo 4 weeks of var is pointless, id save up and get some more, and run it weeks 5 to 12

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