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    No flaming.. experienced advice though

    ok ill make this short, ran a mild cycle simply cause i get the results im lookin for
    1-15 400mg test
    1-4 30mg dbol
    now heres where i will probaly get flamed, after reading a post on here about a 8 week dbol bridge,10 mg first thing in the morning, 3000mg milk thistle and multis' of course,actually ended up running the bridge a little longer. Went from 166-178 and been maintaining 178 during this bridge. I was thinking of doing another mild cycle,wk 1-12 400 test and 5-10 turinabol . i feel great nothing is abnormal. What do you guys think? we all know people do more then just 10 mg of dbol for a long time so please dont flame. am i good to go.

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    no ....there is no such thing as a bridge it will still supress hpta function , hoenstly i treid it and got blood work done bridge that wont supress is good ol GH and slin ,which ofcourse im not recomending slin .liek it or not bro its like u never came off , u need to come off recover get blood work then go from there, just becuase u feel great doesnt mean **** cant be elevated .

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