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    Extending cycle?

    I'm going to start my cycle within the next week, this is what I had planned

    1-12 test e 500mg/week
    7-14 anavar 50mg/day
    clomid/anti e's on hand

    I have extra amps, enough to run 14 weeks, now I'm going to do it I have a few questions

    1) Do the gains keep comming after 12 weeks? (granted proper training/dieting)

    2) Would I need anything other than clomid pct for such a length? the most I've ran is 10 weeks

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    yes you can still make gains after 12 weeks it just depends weather you can stick it that long.
    as for the clomid you shouldnt need any more than clomid for pct but if you follow pheedos pct in the pct forum he uses ,l-dex and letro.

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    yea keep me posted on the Var and how that goes. Remeber eat like a motherfocker

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