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    supplements when on AAS

    Who here uses loads of supps when on there cycle?

    Will they affect it in anyway.

    I am going to start my first cycle and will keep useing all my supps:

    Whey , 3 times a day and after training
    Creatine before and after training
    BCAA's Animal nitro(9 pills per pack)
    ALA(2 pills before and after training)
    Vitamin c before and after training
    Vitamin E before and after training
    Multi vitamin and mineral after training
    Flax seed oil cap. twice daily

    Every now and then I like to take a valerian supp to help relax me too.

    Any probs with taking them when on gear.

    I doubt it but i thought i'd ask.

    later - A

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    Sounds good might want to cut the creatine. What about fish oil? Also might want to add milk thistle depending on what gear your on.

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