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Thread: Cycle Opinions

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    Cycle Opinions

    Hey bros,

    Need some help with my upcoming cycle. It will by my 2nd one. I'm 5;8, 170 lbs., 10%BF. Looking to gain quality muscle, maybe drop some BF at the end w/ cytomel . I'm thinking 500 mg/wk test enanthate as a test base, but I can't decide if I should use tren enanthate or EQ with it. What do yall think?

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    they both r great compounds. im on eq right now and love it. but i did tren last cycle and loved it too. LOL... go with both, if u dont think its too much. how old r u?

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    i preferably would go with the eq myself because it puts on great quality mass while keeping the gains lean. but then again tren is probably the best cutter out there, but the downfall is the sides that can come along with it. basically when it all comes down to the end your lean gains will all depend on how you eat,train,sleep,etc. so best of luck to ya.

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