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    On cycle precaution and PCT

    Ideally for someone on a cycle, what do you prefer to do? (EX: 20mg nolva/ed .5letro eod, etc..) what do you take on cycle and how do you run your pct? Be thorough, I want to make this a very informational thread covering all peoples pct and on cycle questions.

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    What may work for me may not work for you'll could get many variations on how people run their anti-es and clomid.

    Pesonally I like to run liquidex .5mg/ed OR femara 1.25mg/ed along with 20mg nolva/ed throughout my cycle including PCT. Depending on the length of my cycle I may run HCG 500iu for 10 days stopping 3 days before starting clomid. Clomid at 300mg/1st day; 200mg next four days; 100mg/ed for 10 days; and 50mg/ed for 10 days.

    You may want to try posting this in the 'PCT' forum to get more responses.

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