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    Im on cycle at the minute, and i also have a nasty marijuana habit. Ive been smoking it every day for the last 5 years and i have stopped today cold turkey, and i will never touch it again. Its not getting me anywhere in life but im really worried about my gains since i have just stopped taking a drug that i was addicted to. It was a part of my life and im worried that ill not get any sleep for wks and no sleep interferes with gains. Im anxious already and wondering if ill be ok through the remainder of my cycle.

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    Take some melatonin or sominex and you should be fine.

    Marijuana does not cause withdrawals bro, the body doesn't need anything in it to function.

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    just think about all the gains you will be getting off the juice and once you see your body change for the positive you are gonna totally forget about smokin and wonder why you did it in the first place.

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    No dude you'll be o.k.

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    It will be okay bro.

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    Swellin Guest
    Congratulations on making that observation and decision. Something that has you in its clutches for 5 years becomes more of a habit than anything. Congrats on making the changes. Just don't replace one addiciton with another (such as AAS).
    Good luck bro.

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    Excellent job! You done the hardest part already - you have made the decision to change. Now just implement it! You will feel so much better and your body will thank you by growing and looking better.

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    i've been smoking at least a couple times a day for the last 6-8 months and decided i need to stop. i've only done it once in the last week i kno how it is, it does suck at first but its already getting easier for me. i realized its such a waste its not doing ne thing for u. its not worth doing it all the time i might do it occasionaly but thats it. im on a cycle to and its not effecting me. knowing im on juice has actualy made it easier for me. u'll get thru it bro dont give up

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    Good work bro. I am happy to see someone decide not to smoke marijuana. I personally hate the stuff. It makes me lazy and fat. I lose all my motivation. I think it will be a extremely great change for you all at once to quit smoking and start training hard. You will probably see some dramatic results in your overall well-being and self esteem.

    Good luck bro, keep us posted.


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    good luck bro. hang in there

    btw, how old are you?

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